Term and Condition  

Capture The Flag
Two opposing teams will fight to capture their flag at the enemies base. Players have multi-life but after being shot, he must return to home base before continuing the game. Winner is determine by whose flag raised up first. Good for first time players to get used to the game of paintball.

Capture The Fortress
Attacking team consists of more players then defending team. Player has only one life. Defending team has less pellets then attacking team. Attacking team must capture the fortress by eliminating their enemies (Defending Team) or raise their team flag in the fortress.

Chicken Run
Played by two teams. Multi-life. The objective of the game is for each team to capture their own flag at centre field and must post the flag into the ground within 1 minute, during this time the opposing team may try to take down the flag and replace it with their own flag.

No Man’s Land
Individual game. Unlimited players. Player only has one life. Last one stand is the winner. The objective of the game each player must raise the flag at the centre

*All players are required to wear long-sleeve shirts and full length pants. Remember to bring your sports shoes!!